Pewaukee Lake Level Order

The Pewaukee Lake levels were established by an order of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on March 25, 1974. The Village of Pewaukee is designated as the Outlet Dam Operator and maintains the lake levels as designated by the order.

Important information:

  • Maximum lake level is 852.80' msl
    • Between May 15 through October 1 the lake level shall be maintained as reasonably as possible to 852.80' msl
  • Minimum lake level is 852.20' msl
    • Between October 15 through May 1 the lake level shall be maintained as reasonable as possible to 852.20' msl
  • The transition periods between the minimum and maximum levels are May 1 through May 15 and October 1 through 15 as reasonable can be achieved.  
  • The Pewaukee Lake Dam Water Lake Level Order

*For reference 0.10 feet = approximately 1 1/4"