Village Utilities

Water Utility

The Village is responsible for providing safe drinking water with 35 miles of the water distribution system, and operation and maintenance of five municipal wells and five water reservoirs. 
There are approximately 1,700 water main valves, and approximately 500 fire hydrants.  On an average day water consumption is between 850,000 and 1,200,000 gallons.  The property owner is responsible for maintaining their water service lateral from the service valve near the property line, to the structure.  Each building in the Village is required to be connected to the Village's water system.  A water meter is used to measure the water usage at each property. 

The meter is read quarterly and billed to each customer around the first of January, April, July and October.  Bills are due within 30 days.
Deduct (exempt) meters are available at Village Hall, please email the Treasurer for more information.

The PSC (Public Service Commission of Wisconsin) is the regulatory entity for the Water Utility department of the Village of Pewaukee Water Department and the Village follows regulations as provided by the PSC. If you have any questions regarding the PSC regulations please email the Village Treasurer.

Sewer Utility

The Village's waste water collection system includes approximately 34 miles of gravity sewer, nearly 1,000 manholes, and five sanitary sewer lift stations, which convey waste water within the Village, and finally to the Fox River Water Pollution Control Center in Brookfield for treatment and discharge to the river.  On an average day about 1.5 million gallons of wastewater is pumped to the FRWPCC.  The property owner is responsible for maintaining the sanitary sewer service lateral from the sewer main to the structure.  Sewer charges are based on the actual water usage per property.  

Storm Water Utility

The Village charges a flat rate for stormwater.  Stormwater runoff is water that doesn't soak into the ground and drains into the storm system.  The flat fee is charged for the operation and management of the drainage infrastructure.

Utility Overview

The Village of Pewaukee maintains water, sewer and storm water utilities. The Director of Public Works ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements for various State and Federal agencies and the Treasurer compiles the data necessary to produce quarterly billings for residents.

PSC annual reports (pdf)
Utility rates (pdf)
Consumer confidence report (pdf) 2019

Call Waukesha County Dispatch at 262-446-5070 for after hour emergencies