The Joint Library Board operates under the authority of Wis. Stats. Sec. 43.58.

*All meetings are held virtually until further notice.

What do Joint Library Board members do?

  • Plan for, implement and manage all library services, programs, and activities for the Village and City of Pewaukee
  • Make recommendations on the purchase, lease, sale, or exchange of land, facilities, or equipment needed to provide services
  • Advise methods or opportunities for funding the library
  • Submit a proposed program and budget for the ensuing year, no later than August 1st of each year
  • Hold three year terms and are appointed by the Village Board and City Council

When: The third Wednesday of the month
         Where: Pewaukee Public Library - 210 Main St.
         Time: 6:30 p.m.

For current and recent Agendas & Minutes, please visit the Library Website.

Current Library Board Members:

President (term expires 5/1/2023): Leslie Miller
Treasurer (term expires 5/1/2022): Karen Wildman
Secretary (term expires 5/1/2022): Lisa Jansen
Member (term expires 5/1/2021): Dale Noll
School District Representative (term expires 5/1/2023): Laura Muchowski
City Alderperson (term expires 5/1/2022): Jeff Kara
Village Trustee: Heather Gergen
Library Director: Nan Champe