The Village of Pewaukee contracts with Associated Appraisal for municipal assessor services. The valuation and assessment of property is the responsibility of the assessor's office.

Things to know:

  • Use the property search function to view detailed information regarding your property
  • If your property value changes you will be notified by mail of the the change
  • Open Book is an annual process giving you the opportunity to meet with an assessor to discuss your property's value
    • To make an appointment with an assessor to discuss changes you may call 800-721-4157 or email the assessors.
  • Assessment rolls are available for viewing by the public and will be posted online

The Board of Review members meet at minimum one time per year, usually in May, to hear testimonies from residents regarding their property value.  The process requires the swearing in of both the objectors and the assessor, hearing the claims, allowing the members to ask questions and voting on the determination.  

To file an intent to object you need to notify the Municipal Clerk at least 48-hours prior to the Board of Review meeting.  

DOR Forms:

Objection Form (PA-115)

Request for waiver form (PA-813)