Water Main Flushing / Hydrant Flushing

The Village of Pewaukee routinely flushes the water main distribution system within the Village to help improve and maintain long-term water quality and to minimize discoloration and odors.  Mains are typically flushed in late summer or early fall.

Why is flushing important?
Although the water within the Village distribution system is of very high quality, the aesthetic quality can deteriorate over time if the mains are not properly managed. The flushing process removes sediment and mineral deposits which naturally build up in the mains over time.  The removal is accomplished by "scouring" the mains by running water through them at a high velocity and discharging it through the fire hydrants.  

What do residents need to know?

  • There may be a reduction in water pressure
    • The pressure will return to normal once the flushing in the immediate area is complete
  • Household water may be cloudy or rusty due to the mixing of sediments in the flushing process
    • The discolored water is safe and does not pose a health concern
    • Run cold water through a non-aerated faucet, such as a bathtub or exterior water spigot, for 5 to 10 minutes until the water becomes clear
    • Avoid running hot water until the cold water runs clear to prevent sediments from entering hot water heaters