Sex Offender Ordinance

Pewaukee Ordinance 2017-07 has re-established guidelines for registered sex offenders loitering or residing in the Village of Pewaukee. The ordinance outlines loitering and restricts where registered sex offenders may reside. The ordinance establishes “Child Safety Locations” as areas where there may be a high concentration of children. Such areas include public parks, schools and daycare facilities Specifically, the ordinance restricts sex offenders from residing within 750 feet of these designated “Child Safety Locations.” The ordinance creates a Sex Offender Appeal Board for those offenders who would like to move into the community outside of “Child Safety Locations” but had not established residency prior to the passing of ordinance 2016-05. Lastly, the ordinance places restrictions on the involvement of registered sex offenders in holiday events, such as “Trick or Treat”, as well as various other public gatherings with the Village of Pewaukee. For an official map of the child safety zones, please contact the Village Clerk’s Office.

Lt. Matt Carney
(262)691-5678 ext: 238